How To Make A Better Drawing

Pencil Drawing


Have you been thinking about how to improve your drawings lately? Try these short steps for instant results, especially if you find yourself drawing to dark. 

1.  Start out with your basic cheap set of pencils ranging in firmness. Nothing to fancy is needed just make sure they are not all the same. Pencil sets typically start at H and head towards B. Here is brand and a link to a basic set I love. 

2. Paper does make a difference as well. You can start out with basic printer paper but you will find the grease from your palms will smear the graphite so consider looking into a sketch pad. Try out different paper weights and textures until your happy. I make my own but a simple sketchpad with some texture will do fine. 

3. Finally you'll want a reference photo to work from the more detail the better as you get better with sketching. 

4. So now your ready to start, The point is to begin with a firm graphite which for us will be 6H. Sketch how you would naturally the whole point is to tweak what your doing so draw away.

5. Now your able to see what is most likely a hot mess of proportion... perfect. That is the point of this whole post because now you can see what you want to improve. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO LEAVE HAPPY ACCIDENTS. Your going to redraw with a 4H now. Do not erase anything else past this point just trust me. You will find that by stepping down in firmness that out of place ear, nose or whatever will blend in with the shadow so no point. Build your confidence your worth it.

6. Ok so repeat for a 3rd time with and H or HB. Your most likely going to skim draw what you want and that is ok. 

7. Now take your 2B and SHAPEN the Pencil, maybe even between every couple marks. Now is the time to be picky. You get to use your eraser here too. (See tips below). What you are going to do is just block out shadow. Try cross hatching here to avoid to much and think ok that shadow on the cheek is a triangle with one side missing. draw that.

8. Again with a 4B but use sparingly think of shadows in layers.

9. Now with a 6B or your Darkest pencil. I use Primo Elite Grande I want you to use this super sparingly. Always sharpen every 3 to 4 marks you might even be done after just that. Example areas would be top of the eyelid, Iris or small ridge of the nose. I use it to draw attention to the middle of the face.

10. Comment below and let me know how it went for you. I'm still a small artist owned store so I love to talk to people. Feel free to share this post as well and ask any questions when you hit a snag.

Pencil Drawing


1. The best erasers are those fun gummy erasers and you thought they where a gimmick didn't you lol. Roll it into a pencil shape and DAB. Whatever you use try to avoid over dragging the eraser because it will tear your paper. 

2. Starting with general printer paper is fine but texture will take the same drawing and pop it. The heat for a hot press creates a smoother texture so go with cold press if your looking into fancy paper. I make mine with a paper called "Summerset Velvet" or "Reaves BFK" but just get a premade sketch pad on the cheap worry about making your own later down the line.

3. Pencil brands make a huge difference as well once you get some practice in try some different sets. My favorite brand is the one I linked above. They range from thickness of the lead to how centered it is or even having a closed back.  This can impact how easy the lead breaks when it's dropped to how it feels in the hands. So if you are sharpening a pencil and it falls apart ALL THE TIME. Odds are you dropped it at some point. 

4. Get yourself a cheap pencil sharpener to carry with you. My favorite is the 1$ open metal sharpeners. I hate the ones that catch the lead I swear they fill to quick and mess up my pencil. 

5. The cheap metal shields are good to use in a pinch if you do not have a gummy eraser but as you get better you'll phase it out. 

6. If your into smoothing your shades a q-tip works well. I am not I love crisp lines myself. You can also fold a paper towel into a triangle but use a soft towel those crappy brown paper towels just smear everything. 

7. With concerns to making your own sketch pads. Use a method that involves flat openings. I use ONLY Coptic stitching when I make my own. You can also find some sketch pads that offer this. 

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