In The Beginning

I originally started nocoffeenoart to make an income from my art. Anyone who has had a crummy job that has no interest in your personal growth or well being can tell you how it can be a constant source for depression. You kind of end up a decade or more later right where you started. So when I say thank you for your purchase I really do mean it and it's not just lip service.

I've taken the time to balance the quality and cost my products. So you will find some are made here in the USA for faster shipping. While others are manufactured overseas for a better selection and price that makes them affordable. All packages are tracked once shipped from the manufacturer and arrive within the specified time on the product tab.

Little about me,

I love to apply color theory and use bright paints to see what effects I can make, ohh shiny... When using acrylic or oils you need to pay attention to lots of things. Like the paint's inherent weight and additives to determine how to make more cells in the design. The transparency when layering oils or matching colors for portraits on a laminated photo so things don't get muddy. Check my art here.

My favorite art has always been the slightly unfinished more sketchy style that leaves more to the imagination. Which is why it's found it's way into my own style.

How do you come up with the designs?

For some products I literally go through hundreds of iterations of my artwork and test them on each product elimanating more as I go.

How is it made?

All our coffee mugs are printed at the time of purchase here in the U.S.A. with a process called sublimation ensuring a crisp and vibrant color. Our shoes are printed on canvas before being assembled at the manufacture in Asia. I've found over seas has a far better selection to choose from. They are truly one of a kind products but don't take my word for it here are a couple reviews from real customers.

Looking For More?

We have many creative designs including our artist-made mugs where actual acrylic pours are used to design your coffee cups.

Want to try and make your own? If you've got a photo you can make a mug. Just follow our simple steps and it's done. Try out that cute photo of your kids with grandma or that one picture of you and your friend.

Check out our other stores on Etsy and Redbubble for a wider range of specialty products. 

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