My Artwork


I’m a failed artist here in Indiana trying to make a little side income. Here is a sneak peak from my first collection of 60 sketches from my hand made journals. Which will be released in progression as I generate initial sales to fund the minting of the projects.

I have always wanted to name my art in a way that lets someone know where the proceeds are going. So try not to be confused if you see a portrait of someone and I call it "Washing Machine" it just means I'm washing by hand again and to take pity on me.


Policy ID: 205baf4fc6d54e163015d9863dd0129f41006debecf1f88c3c7a3b66

I combine an array of desired colors while being careful of the inherent weight of each pigment to create a burst of cells in my art. I then take the finished painting and animate it. I will also be minting the original paintings for those that want one. Each image will have a 5% royalty.



Policy ID: 77c48eca6410d60f72d900dc98b5d8f204c621df768117bad1180dcc

The purpose of this project is to help me pay down my student loans by minting a collection of 60 different images taken from my own journals that I've done over the years. I wanted to capture that feeling of looking down through my sketchbook so I went with an image that has the viewer's perspective. I really wanted them to stand apart from the rest of the NFTs and make them feel more personal that way. I went with sketches because it is my favorite form of art and I find it easy to lose track of time.

Thank you all for your support I know "Student Loans" is a trigger word for a lot of people, more like a metaphorical ball and chain so you know what it really means to have someone believe in you enough to purchase your work. Each image will have only 20 NFTs minted per with a 5% royalty.